Welcome to Year 6's Class Page!


This half-term Year 6 will be studying theme, 'Wonderful Wales, Wonderful World.'

In Mathematics we will be following the Abacus maths schemes. 

Our language work this term will be set around the novel Wonder, by R J Palacio.

Our focus in Science is on Habitiats.

Swansea City Football coaches will be leading P.E. during this Half-Term.  Therefore, P.E. kits will be required for Tuesday afternoons.

Homework will be set on Tuesdays and Fridays.





Friday 13th November 2015
Please visit the HWB+ discussion page and contribute to the learning conversations. 
Friday 18th September 2015
To think of as many different words for 'said' as possible (I think you can get at least 10).
Have a good weekend! :-)

7th November

Perpendicular and Parallel.

This week we have looked at quadrilaterals and sorted them according to whether they have perpendicular sides, parallel sides or both.

Remember:  Perpendicular means lines that meet at a right angle.
                     Parallel mean lines that stay equal distance apart (like train tracks!).

Hopefully the you should have few issues with the homework, here is a copy of the sheet if you misplace it........ Parallel_and_perpendicular_lines.docx

24th October

To add 10 onto two digit numbers.  If you lose the sheet please download from link below.

To complete questions using long division.  If you lose your question sheet please download below:
If you are having trouble watch the Kahn Academy video again: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/multiplication-division/long_division/v/division-2

If you are really stuck, don't ruin your holiday over it, stay stress free and we will have another  look when you're back in school!!!


Read some newspapers and magazines, see if you can find examples of articles that are biased.  Explain your reasoning behind why you think the article is biased and favouring one side.

17th October


Group C document.pdf
Group B document.pdf
Group A document.pdf

10th October

Create a 'Wanted' article for Robin Hood. 
This can be in a poster format, however you need to think about the audience.  Make sure that it is suitable to feature in a newspaper and that it explains why Robin Hood is a wanted man.

3rd October

Design a poster for a charity that supports children in the 'Shanty' towns of Mumbai.  -
Please research a few charities and pick one that you feel is making a difference in improving the lives of those who live in such areas.

If you wish to see the video that we saw in class again you can watch it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zvhvcdm

Have a good weekend :-)

26th September 2014

Mumbai - Research the different types of jobs in Mumbai.   How are the main jobs that people have in Mumbai similar or different to those that people have locally here in Wales?  Why do you think big companies here in Britain choose to outsource work to India?

Your answer needs to be recorded in writing, you can use pictures if it helps you to explain.

Your work should be a minimum of 1/2 a page in your homework book or 1 whole page maximum.

Enjoy :-)

19th September 2014

Welsh Roman Town -
To find out about a Welsh Roman Town.
Example questions to find out......
Where in Wales is it located?
When did the Romans arrive at the town?
What did the Romans bring to that area?

Due in on Tuesday!!
Enjoy :-)


2nd May

In preparation for the Numeracy and Literacy Tests next week, please complete the practice tests below:

Homework - Numeracy (Procedural) Test Practice .pdf

Homework - Reading Test Practice.pdf

Enjoy :-)

11th April

Read the article on the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26133660 about the the Thames Barrage in London.

Answer the questions on the sheet below (also handed out in class).  Remember to answer in full sentences.
Thames Barrier questions - Year 6 Homework 11.4.14.docx
The questions under the heading 'Level 4/5' need to be extended answers where give your own opinion and draw your own conclusions based on the information that you have read.


To continue with our preparation for the numeracy reasoning test, please download and complete the activities below.

Tons of teeth-Dragon Story.pdf
Tons of teeth Homework questions.pdf

Finally, have a great Easter Holiday!!! See you in the Summer Term!!

4th April

Converting units of measure, mm, cm, m and km.
NB. Worksheet handed out in class

Comprehension exercise about recent news regarding Malaysian plane disappearance. 
NB. News article and questions handed out in class.

27th March

BODMAS Homework

Order of Operation - When working out a maths calculation, remember to work out what is in any Brackets first.  Then work out any exponents (these are square numbers, square roots etc.).  Next you need to do Multiplication and Division. Finally you do the Addition and Subtractions.

Hence, BODMAS to remember Brackets over Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction!

Complete the questions and remember the order!  If you lose your sheet you can't get another below! So no excuses.......

BODMAS question sheet.pdf

Good Luck!!

PS. If you get stuck look here.....  Kahn Academy Order of Operations Video

Read the newspaper article about the floods, and answer the questions about the text!

You can download the work below!

Newspaper Article.docx     

Questions about the text.docx

Remember to answer in full sentences and provide well thought out answers!

21st March

To read the extract on the Himalayas and answer the questions about the text in full sentences. 


In class this week we have been revising adding and subtracting.  We have moved on to using a 'carrying' method to add and subtract decimals.

If you need more help on these please watch the videos beneath:



The homework you need to complete is below.  They are word problems so make sure you read the question carefully.  Then decide what information you need and whether you need to add, subtract or even use a combination of both.

So here it is:  Adding and Subtracting Decimals.doc

Remember to show All Your Workings Out!

Good Luck!

14th March

Using Percentages -
Sometimes we will need to find out the amount that a given percentage of a total will give us.  For example

27% of 48 =

Because % or percent means 'per 100' we can rewrite a percentage as a fraction:

So.... 27/100 of 48 =

Now we can just divide by the denominator and times by the numerator....

48 divided by 100, then multiply by 27 to give us the answer.

Therefore 27% of 48= 12.96.

Other times we may need to calculate the percentage!

For Example:

In the field we found 48 bugs.  13 of them were woodlice.  What percentage of the bugs were woodlice?

13 out of 48 were woodlice.

Therefore we need to write the fraction 13/48 as a percentage.

To do this we divide the numerator(13) by the denominator(48) and multiply by 100.

So...   13 divided by 48, times by 100 or
           13/48 x 100 = 27%

Use a calculator!!!!

If you lose the homework sheet here is a copy:  Percentages.doc

21st February

Use the template below to write an argument about 'Is Fairtrade really fair?' 
Fairtrade Argument Template.doc

Watch the videos here about Percentages!  

14th February

- To explain the difference between a 'skill' and a 'quality' with regards to people's roles and responsibilities in their work.

- Learn the spelling words ready for Tuesday.

10th January 2014

- To complete exercise on Similes, Metaphor and Personification.

If you have misplaced sheet handed out on class it is available here: Simile Metaphor Personification Homework.doc

6th December

- To complete the questions (sheet handed out in class) on division.
- To work out what number should be in each present.
- Use your understanding of the relationship between division and multiplication to solve each question.

Download a replacement sheet below if required:

3rd December

- To decide on a poem that you like and copy it out in your

29th November

- To write a newspaper report about Father Christmas' visit to our school Christmas Fayre.
- Remember to check that you:
  • Have you included a headline?
  • Who is the report about?
  • What is the event you are reporting?
  • Why did this event happen?
  • Where does the event take place?
  • When did this event take place?
  • Have you included a picture on your report?

- If you wish, print the template below to write your report.


22nd November

-  To complete the word problems using multiplication. (we have been practicing the multiplication method in class!)
- Make sure that you read the question carefully first.
- Give yourself time to think about how you will work it out!
- If you lose the question sheet handed out in class, please download another below!

Homework A - Solving word problems using multiplication.pdf
Homework B - To solve word problems using multication.pdf

For those wishing to practice their handwriting
Handwriting worksheet - 'Back to the Future'

Back to the future handwriting.pdf
Handwriting Practice Blank.pdf

15th November

- For Children in Need we watched 'Horton Hears a Who!'.
- Write a review for the film explaining what you liked, what characters were involved, how the movie was made etc.
- Your writing needs to be extended and try to remember to check your work before publishing it.  Check that all spellings and punctuation are correct.

If you need any help please use the files below:



14th October

- To suggest the story-line for the next edition of the 'Scorch' comic.

- Read the comic given to you in class and decide what could happen next. You need to give the general outline and plot of what is going to happen.

- Your ideas should be one side of A4 and around 250-500 words long.

- If possible, type your work and bring it in on memory stick or email it to the school.  Remember it is a WRU competition with the prize being tickets for Wales v Tonga!!!! (for the class!)

4th October 2013

-Choose your 5 favourite logos for products, businesses or charities that you know and see.

- Draw or print the logos that you like and provide an explanation as to why each one is so good!

- Try to explain how the logo suits the company that it represents and any interesting features the logo has, e.g. the arrow created between the E and the x in FedEx!

- Take your time and look carefully at different logos for this homework before deciding on your favourite, and most importantly, enjoy!

- Due in on Tueday, 8th October!

27th September 2013

- To explain what the 'independent', 'dependent' and 'controlled' variables are when conducting a science experiment.

- To be handed in by Tuesday 1st October.

20th September 2013

- To research and find out about one of the major Ancient Greek Battles. 

- Who was involved?  What was it over? How long did it last?

  - Your work needs to be 1 page of A5 minimum, 2 pages maximum. (Or 1/2 A4 page minimum, 1 page maximum).

 - Enjoy - and hand in on Tuesday 24th September!

13th September 2013


 - To research information about the city of Athens.  Try to include geographical and historical facts and points about the city.

 - Your work needs to be hand-written in your own words (not just copied out from a website or book). 

 - Your work needs to be 1 page of A5 minimum, 2 pages maximum. (Or 1/2 A4 page minimum, 1 page maximum).

 - If you wish, you can include pictures to support your writing.

 - Enjoy - and hand in on Tuesday 17th September!

28th March

To complete the activity converting measurements to equivalent units.

Task handed out in class.

Download copy here

Also, please keep on blogging using J2e about your activities over Easter.

26th March

To answer revision questions on multiplication.

Task handed out in class

Download copy here

22nd March

To answer questions about time.  To be able to interpret information from a timetable.

Task handed out in class.

1st March 2013

Write a Blog using J2e about St. David's Day.

Include the events took place in school, the history behind celebrating the 1st of March and why St. David is our Patron Saint.

26th February 2013

Cloze Procedure

Choose the appropriate word to fill in the missing space in the text. 

22nd February 2013

Is their Gravity in Space?

Write a page explaining whether or not there is gravity in Space.  Who first observed the effects of gravity?  Why do astronauts appear to float around whilst in orbit?

19th February 2013

Cloze Procedure

Choose the appropriate word for each blank space in the text.

8th February 2013


Over the half-term break record Blog entries about your holiday using J2e!

These could be about places you visit, films you watch or books you read!  The choice is yours!

Remember you need to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar for your work to be published!  Check out everyones Blogs here!

And there will be a prize for the best Blog!

Remember -  INTERNET SAFETY- Do not post personal details or information! 


Line Graph - Click here for the homework!!! Line Graph homework.pdf

5th February 2013

Maths Challenge

To make the the numbers 1 to 10!

          - You can only use the numbers 2,3,4 and 7
          - Each has to be used once and only once
          - You can use any of the mathematical operations;  plus, minus, multiply, divide, square and square root as many times as you like! 

e.g To make 10 you might    4 + 2 = 6      6 - 3 = 3
                                                7 + 3 = 10

1st February 2013

With 'Fairtrade Fortnight' approaching, research the positive and negatives of 'Fairtrade'. 

Your work should be one A4 page in length and include:
- What are Fairtrade products?
- Which shops sell Fairtrade products?
- Who does Fairtrade benefit?
- What is the argument against Fairtrade?
- What is your opinion, is Fairtrade good or bad?

Please use these websites to help:
How fair is Fairtrade? (BBC News Magazine 2007)

25th January 2013

To decide on a question to answer about the Space Race.  You should produce an A4 page answering your question either handwritten or on J2E.

Your work must contain:
  • Extended writing with the correct punctuation.  
  • Information from different sources e.g. Different books and websites.
  • Information in your own words, not copied directly of a website such as Wikipedia.
You may also include pictures and diagrams.

Urdd competition

To design a website containing three linked pages that is bilingual on the theme 'Patterns in the Environment'

To produce either 1 color, 1 black and white, a series of 4 colour or a series of 4 black and white photographs on the theme 'Patterns in the Environment'

Useful Websites

Below are some of the websites that we use in Year 6.

55952 59


Online Collaboration; allows pupils to word process, create posters, make webpages and share and collaborate on work together. 




Look Cover Write and Check
Fun, interactive site to practise your spelling






River IQ Game
Thinking game - see if you can get everyone across the river!




Codecademy Logo Black



Code Academy
Brilliant introduction for children and adults to gain knowledge about computer programming. (Please note that this requires Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome to work, doesn't work with Microsoft Explorer.)


  Number Skills
Practise your number adding and subtracting by playing Maths Games. Go on, challenge yourself!