The infant classes have been busy creating Healthy Shops in their classrooms. Pupils created a name and sign for their shop, made shop timetables, lists of fruits and prices along with personal job cards. Pupils have been developing their communication skills whilst playing the roles of the shopkeeper and customer.  

The Welsh Assembly Government guidance document 'Fruit Tuck Shops in primary schools' highlights the benefits of such initiatives by answering the following questions: 

Why eat more fruit? 

Fruit and vegetables form part of a healthy, balanced diet. It is recommended that children eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. However, most children currently eat less than this.  

  • The daily intake of fruit and vegetables can reduce the chance of developing coronary heart disease and a number of cancers, particularly bowel cancer.
  • A balanced diet including fruit and vegetables can help prevent overweight and obesity in children.
  • Fruits are a very nutritious snack providing vitamins, minerals and fibre.
  • Eating fruit in moderation as a snack instead of sugary foods is the healthier choice for teeth.
  • In addition eating fruit in childhood can help develop good eating patterns to be carried through into adult life.

Why set up a fruit tuck shop? 

Studies have shown that most children like fruit but that they may need encouragement and increased opportunities to purchase and eat fruit more regularly. 

A fruit tuck shop provides: 

  • Opportunities for children and adults to eat more fruit.
  • A positive role model to young people of school age. Children’s food intake seems to be greatly influenced both by what their peers eat and by the choice of food available in schools

What are the wider benefits? 

A fruit tuck shop initiative can be tailored to meet individual schools’ requirements and priorities. Some schools will wish to organise a fruit tuck shop as an independent, low-maintenance project which does not intrude into teaching time. 

For others, the project can be a source of wider benefits. A fruit tuck shop project can be used as: 

  • A practical initiative to support work in the curriculum on nutrition and to further the idea of a ‘health-promoting school’.
  • A ‘real-life’ source of data to supplement the maths and IT curriculum.
  • A business enterprise scheme involving the local community.

Bu adran y babanod yn brysur yn creu Siopau Iachus yn eu dosbarthiadau. Mae’r plant wedi bod yn datblygu eu sgiliau cyfathrebu a mathemateg drwy ysgrifennu amserlenni, labeli ar gyfer y ffrwythau a rhestr o’r prisau ac ysgrifennu cardiau gwaith personnol. Mae pawb wrth eu bodd yn chwarae rol yn y siop.