Ysgol Tycroes

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

We are fast approaching not only the end of term but also the end of the Phase 2 of the Building programme. At the end of Phase 1 the new KS 1 department was opened and the 1902 block was closed for refurbishment. At the end of the second Phase we will be able to use the 1902 block whilst the 1960s block will be closed for refurbishment. 

This will mean that when the children return to school after the Christmas holiday on January 10th there will be a number of changes once again. The 1902 block will contain the new Hall, Kitchen, Admin rooms, Staff room, Year 6 classroom and a new Resource room for Art, D&T and Food Science plus additional storage space and toilets. 

The Main Entrance will then be the old Foyer entrance and Breakfast Club will be held in the new Hall. All Infant children will enter the school via this entrance for both breakfast club and start of school. Security doors will again be in place and parents bringing children will be able to leave them in the Foyer to be met by a member of staff. Junior children will also use this entrance for access to Breakfast club but any Juniors arriving after 8.40am will wait on the Junior yard until first bell. Infant children will be able to walk to the new build from the Breakfast Club in the Hall.  

The other main changes will be that Year 6 will use their new classroom in the 1902 block, Years 3 and 5 will have lessons in the Hall until the end of Phase 3 and Dinners will once again be prepared and served in the school Kitchen and Hall. The Hall will still not be available to us as a School Hall because of it being used as a dual classroom. Year 4 meanwhile will stay where they are in the outside classroom. At the end of Phase 3 this classroom will be removed from the school site. 

The end of Phase 3 will be sometime around the end of March and at this point the Building programme will come to an end. All parts of the school will then have been refurbished and all amenities and buildings will be in use. At this point in the process we will be having an open day for all Parents and members of the local and wider community. This will give everyone an opportunity to view and appreciate the excellent new facility Tycroes has been given. To all extents and purposes what we will have received is a new school with all the benefits such a resource has to give. 

I am sure as parents you are as excited as the Governors and Staff are at the prospect of seeing the potential of this new school developing over the next few years. The last Estyn Inspection gave a Grade 1 for Teaching and Learning at Tycroes School which meant that it was good with outstanding features. The completed school building will truly reflect these high features and help to ensure that standards will continue to improve. 

May I take this opportunity to wish you and all your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

Yours sincerely, 

Paul Mainwaring 

(Head teacher)