SEAL stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and the skills it covers include:

  • Dealing with feelings such as anger and frustration
  • Getting on with other children and seeing things from other points of view
  • Settling arguments fairly
  • Feeling confident, taking responsibility and standing up for themselves (without being aggressive)
  • Reaching their goals – keeping going and bouncing back
  • Dealing with change, loss and bullying
  • Solving problems and making good choices


At present we are piloting SEAL in years 3 and 5. When we settle into our new classrooms after Easter all classes will be using SEAL. This is because educational experts have found that these skills are just as important as, and some say more than, academic learning in helping children to become happy, confident and successful in life. In fact, being competent in these areas of what is known as “Emotional Intelligence,” enables children to achieve highly in all areas of the curriculum.

The SEAL programme is made up of seven units; six of these last for roughly half a term and the seventh focuses solely on Anti-Bullying Week in November. Children revisit each theme once a year as they progress through the school, building on and extending their knowledge and understanding with age-appropriate resources. At the beginning and end of each unit, special assemblies will be held by Mr Mainwaring and other teachers.

SEAL certificates will be presented at the end of each unit during our Friday Praise Assemblies to those pupils who have made an extra special effort to put into practice what they have been learning from their SEAL lessons.

We will also have a SEAL mascot who will spend a week at a time with each class. As we develop the use of the SEAL programme at Tycroes we expect to see an improvement in all these Social and Emotional skills and the raising of standards at Tycroes Primary School.